It Begins

It Begins

This is a news and review based blog for the southern Utah area; the whole blog and the articles written for it are to be used for a students Southern Utah University EDGE project.

What’s the EDGE? Education designed to give edge. An EDGE project can be a project designed by the unviersity, staff and faculty, or many students decide to create their own EDGE project.  

At Southern Utah University students are required to plan out and complete an EDGE project, which is a project designed to give that student an edge over other people in their field of study and hopefully future career. The students start out by taking UNIV 1010 an introduction to the EDGE program, this course is usually taken the freshman year, then depending on their project’s focus they take the apporiate project planning and proposal class. After those two classes the students usually start and complete their project. There is one last class to take where the student speaks about their project and can share it with others; this is also the time when the student writes a paper about their EDGE project. This is a required project that students must complete in order to graduate from Southern Utah University. 

Because it is required and extensive, and sometimes expensive, many students have come to dislike the EDGE program or have tried to get rid of the program entirely. There have been talks of petitions, but so far none of the students have seen an actual petiton let alone signed one. Many students interviewed said they would rather it be an opitional program so the students who want to use it can and the students who do not can use the extra credit hour time to take other classes or work. The appeal of doing the EDGE program is the university believes that the project can be presented to an employer in the students’ future and used to give them an edge over the other applicants. The project can also help the student understand and appericate their choosen field.

The reporter and editor, Jessica Hanneman of SU’U’KNOW wants to pursue a career in journalism, and even though Southern Utah University has its own newspaper she felt like being her own journalist and making a news site for the entire area of Southern Utah. Her EDGE project is the website SU’U’KNOW. “I am really happy to be doing this as my EDGE project cause I can use the articles I write for it in my writing portfolio.” wrote Jessica Hanneman, junior creative writing major.

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